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Safege Consortium Members

Lot11-Macro economy, Statistics, Public finance management

IDC Belgium
ARTEMIS Luxembourg
Atos Origin Belgium Belgium
Berenschot Groep Netherlands
COWI Denmark
DMI Associates France
Entidad Colaboradora de la Administración (ECA) Spain
EuroPlus Consulting & Management Slovakia
Instituto de la Calidad (QI) Spain
Linpico France

IDC, a member of SAFEGE GROUP since 2010, specialises in economics, public finance management and institutional strengthening in economies in transition and developing countries. IDC provides top notch advisory services to the European Commission, World Bank, IFI’s, institutional lenders, banks, governments and development aid institutions on the following areas:

  • Public finance management and PEFA assessments
  • Macroeconomic reforms and economic development
  • Enterprise privatisation and restructuring
  • Private Sector Development
  • Public policy and public administration reform
  • Banking and financial system strategy and development
  • Aid policy and evaluation

SAFEGE is a European leading consulting company in regional and economic development, transport infrastructures, municipal services and institutional development sectors worldwide. SAFEGE has a long standing experience in provision of technical assistance and institutional development services to the European Commission focused on designing and implementing sustainable development policies and reforms across both EU Members States and countries covered by the EU External Aid programmes.


ARTEMIS Information Management
Founded in 1991 and headquartered in the heart of Luxembourg, Artemis is an established leader in statistical and economic analysis. From consulting, designing and implementing large-scale information systems, to providing full-service analysis and comprehensive reporting, with our expertise, the possibilities are endless. Our multi-disciplined, multi-lingual team of statisticians, economists and computer experts provide end-to-end solutions to help you streamline, manage and optimize your information systems. A close relationship with leading European universities and collaboration with other European companies provides Artemis, and our clients, with an outstanding resource of specie lists.
Since its creation, Artemis has specialized its activities in the processing and the production of statistical information. Artemis' clients -amongst which the European Commission and in particular Eurostat and DG Aidco- can rely on Artemis to provide a high quality of service, competent and readily available staff and an excellent understanding of the European Commission's activities and working methods. Moreover, Artemis dynamic and innovative team can be trusted to produce the outputs required using state of the art technology.

Within IDC Consortium, Artemis has been one of the most active and effective partners bringing our experience in National and International Statistical Systems (notably in data collection and processing, statistical systems evaluation, statistical methodology, data publication...) as well as in Capacity building, Budget support and Public Finance projects.

Atos Origin Belgium

Berenschot Groep


COWI is a private multidisciplinary consulting company with more than 75 years of experience in rendering independent consulting services to public and private clients throughout the world. COWI headquarter is located in Denmark.

COWI provides consulting services planned and implemented according to an integrated approach which involves traditional engineering services but coupled with environmental science, economy, sociology, training and transfer of technology. The objective for all COWI's consultancy services is to add value for the customers by delivering complete solutions, integrated in their value chain, and for the benefit of the society in general.

COWI A/S located in Denmark is a private limited company with the COWI Foundation as the majority shareholder.

The core business of the company lies within the spheres of three service lines ranging from classical engineering through environmental science and Health to modern economic analysis. COWI has carried out more than 65,000 projects in over 175 countries, mainly in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and the Americas. The company is currently engaged in some 6,700 projects within a wide range of disciplines.

COWI concentrates on the added value that our consultancy gives to our clients and society in general. Health, safety, social conditions and the environment are natural elements of our consultancy all over the world.

COWI's latest annual reports and other information about COWI can be found on our Internet Website.

DMI based in France, specialises in economic integration and co-operation with a strong network of partners throughout Europe and in emerging markets in different regions of the world.
DMI provides services to developing countries and economies in transition and has a proven experience working on international donors funded projects in the following areas:

  • Legal approximation;
  • Policy advice;
  • Institutional capacity building for better governance;
  • Economic Development; and
  • International Trade and Investment.

In parallel to its development activities, DMI has acquired an extensive expertise in evaluation techniques as well as monitoring and evaluation systems as integral part of management (whether within the firm or government institutions).
The company’s key areas of competence include among others:

  • Assistance to development of legal framework, codes and statutes;
  • Support in developing government policy on economic and administrative reform matters;
  • Support to Public administration reforms;
  • Support to Macroeconomic reforms;
  • Harmonisation with EU standards and practices of public procurement;
  • Training of high level civil servants and Governments; and
  • Assistance to development of performance measurement and monitoring systems.

DMI has a proven capability to mobilise high quality expertise and to provide support geared to the needs of the counterparts. Since 2004, DMI has been part of consortia that have been awarded the following framework contracts:

  • WTO Framework contract Lot 6 (2004-2006)
  • FWC Beneficiaries - Lot 7 - Culture, Governance and Home Affairs (2005 – to date)
  • FWC COM 2007 - Studies, assessments and presentations regarding trade, businesses and regional economic integration – Lot 5 (2007- to date)
  • FWC Beneficiaries - Lot 10 - Support to Industry / commerce / services (2005-2009)
  • FWC Beneficiaries - LOT 11 - Macro economy, Public finances and Regulatory aspects (2005-to date)

In all its projects, the hallmarks underpinning DMI interventions are:
Flexibility: DMI projects and programs are always responding to needs of the partners, constantly adapting to their specific requirements.
Customization: DMI does not promote ready-made solutions, but rather systematically puts its broad experience, acquired expertise and recognized international best practices at the disposal of its partners in development


Entidad Colaboradora de la Administración (ECA)


EuroPlus Consulting and Management provide high-quality services and assistance in implementation of international projects funded by different organisations including European Commission, United Nations Development Programme, World Bank, USAID and the African Development Bank.
Over the years, we have successfully implemented a number of large technical assistance projects in different areas of expertise. We have been and continue to be involved in a number of European Commission framework contracts.
EuroPlus, based in Bratislava, Slovakia geographically focuses mostly on Central and Eastern Europe, MEDA and Sub-Saharan Africa. We draw on our experience gained during the pre-accession process in Slovakia and other new Member States. Additionally, we have a long track record of projects carried out in Sub-Saharan countries.
EuroPlus offers strong project management capacities both for technical assistance projects and framework contracts.

Areas of expertise

  • Public Administration Reform
  • Decentralisation
  • Local Self-government
  • Regional Development
  • Decentralisation
  • Minority Support Programmes
  • SME Development
  • European Integration and Partnership Programmes
  • Grant Scheme Management

Instituto de la Calidad (QI)
QI is a Spanish company with a consolidated experience in the technical assistance sector. QI belongs to the Bureau Veritas Group, a multinational corporation with a large network of regional and local offices in more than 140 countries.

The International Activity of the company includes experience in Europe, Central and South America, Africa, Asia and Middle East, as well as other selected third countries.

QI provides integrated services to the public and the private sector and, in particular, for a number of international donor organisations, namely: the European Commission (EC), the World Bank (WB and IFC), and others.

QI operates in a wide range of economic sectors: Quality Infrastructure (standardization, metrology, testing, quality management and conformity assessment, including certification and accreditation); Environment (environmental management systems implementation and certification, environmental planning, Environmental Impact Assessment and Policy Making; Health: (assistance to help governments and ministries design and implement effective health measures); Private Sector Development (due diligence and feasibility studies, micro finance development and support, banking advisory services, SME financial training, etc.); Rural Development (support of rural areas); Trade and Export Promotion (advises governments and institutions in the design and implementation of foreign trade policies and export promotion); Tourism (assists both public and private clients to achieve competitive advantage; Education, Training and HR Management (offers training, consultation and feasibility study services); Social Development (works towards the long term social development of people worldwide through the provision of short and long term international assistance and relief to the people in need); Tax and Customs (aims to help Customs administrations improve service to the trading community, enhance internal performance and efficiency while maintaining high levels of revenue collection.

LINPICO SARL - Providing Services to International Development since 1991
Established in 1991, Linpico is a multidisciplinary consultancy working worldwide in the field of International Development. Services provided by the company cover the entire project cycle from programme identification and formulation to project implementation, evaluation and monitoring.
Linpico’s clients include the European Commission, the Asian Development Bank, the World Bank, the African Development Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, bi-lateral funding agencies as well as National Governments and Regional Institutions. Company headquarters are located in the South of France (Var). Linpico has carried out assignments in over 80 countries.

Area of expertise

    Macroeconomic analysis - National Accounts - Economic Measurement - Debt issues - PFM Assessment, including PEFA assessments - PFM Reform - Budgeting - Audit - Revenue - Public procurement - Public sector accounting systems.
    Primary, Secondary and Higher education (quality, administration and management information systems, school infrastructure, school management systems, curriculum and materials development) - Basic Life Skills - Education sector reform (policy, financing, planning, support to education ministries, sector wide education strategies) - Vocational Education and Training - Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Education.
    Aid Management - Public Administration Reform, including sector policy formulation and public finance management - Support to Democratization - Decentralisation and support to local authorities - Community Development - Strengthening of Civil Society
    Trade Policy - Regional Economic Integration - Competitiveness and Trade facilitation (standards and norms covering sanitary and phytosanitary issues, customs, overcoming technical barriers to trade, trade promotion, market analysis, regulatory reform) - Environment - Support to Professional Associations

    Linpico specialises in a number of cross cutting themes
    Sectorial Policies and reforms - Public Finance Management in line Ministries - Grant programme management - Legislation Reform - Institutional Building, including organizational audits - Financial and Economic Analysis - Training & Research - Workshop and conference design & organization

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